Junior Squash Coaching in Lyttelton!

There are a few spaces left on the Junior Beginners Squash sessions at the rec centre starting 11/02/2020. Just $70 for 8 weeks, equipment provided.

Book at https://squashcanterbury.co.nz/registration/index.cfm

or with Di on 021 245 0966.

All queries to juniordev@squashcanterbury.co.nz


The Ladder is on hold at the moment, Weds Squash Evenings are on every week.

If you'd like to play send an email to andy@bluefusion.co.nz with your details to sign up. It's $8 a night - but with the new P2P system we're not sure how this will work in future, but we'll figure it out.

Blue dot balls are provided, when it's really warm we also have single dot yellows.

We play a variety of structures & how it works depends on numbers. Only one person ever wants to play doubles, so that's out, only one person ever wants to do drills so that's out too. It's games all the way in one form or another. The ability to make contact with a ball really helps, but there's no elite level players so head down and see how you like it.

Sometimes we play a convoluted winner stays on system involving the two courts and more variations in rules around how many games you're allowed to win in a row before you're off anyway and how movement between the two courts works than anyone can keep track of. Generally, it makes sense at the time and continues to be a work in progress.

When there's 6 or less of us we tend to play best of 3 games 'point a rally' to 11 matches, which should mean everyone gets a decent number of games with different opponents.

Joelle King and Kylie Lindsay

Above image of Joelle King (NZ #1 and World #3) and Kylie Lindsay by pbkwee.

Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) licence.


Please note: neither of these players is affiliated with our weds night squash, which is a shame, but it does mean you might be able to win a few games.